It's a new year, and that means it's time for business-owners to go through the collective process of evaluating the state of their website and wondering if they should invest in a rebrand. Today I was speaking to a potential client who is going through that exact process and trying to discern whether a brand makeover is worth it, and it can be a tricky and anxiety-inducing decision! A new website or logo is an investment, and as a designer, what I want more than anything is for that investment to provide a real return for my clients. So if you're not 100% satisfied with your current branding and are starting to feel the itch to call a designer, here are some questions to ask yourself--If 3 or more are true of you, a rebrand may be just what the doctor ordered!


1. Have your services evolved?

Maybe you started a business in personal training, but over time you’ve become more of a fitness and nutrition coach. Of maybe you used to do wedding photography but have realized that what you really love is shooting families. If your website no longer accurately reflects what you spend most of your days doing, or what most of your inquiries are coming to you for, it might mean your branding hasn’t kept up with your business.

 2. Has your market changed?

 This can mean several things—perhaps you’ve moved to a new town, or the demographics of your target market have changed (for instance, your customers used to be recent grads and now they’re young moms-on-the-go). If so, your client base is changing and your website needs to reflect their evolving values and interests. 

 3. When you look at your current website/logo/shop/blog, do you cringe?

Bottom line, when you look at your website, do visions of sugarplums dance through your head? Or do you cringe? When you hand out your business card, are you tempted to make excuses for branding or website? If so, danger!—you may be suffering from ugly-website syndrome, and a re-evaluation of your look is definitely in order.

4. Are your sales where you want them to be?

Aka, are you paying the bills? Are you socking enough away for rainy days? Do you have enough money to do the things for the business that you want to? Maybe you’d like to finally hire an assistant so you can snag a bit of that ever-elusive work life balance (wink-wink), or you have dreams of renting a studio so you can stop working out of your bedroom. If you feel like you’ve been coasting along and scraping by for a while, it might be time to think about how a rebrand could help you reach new and bigger markets.

If you feel like a rebrand is a worthy investment, we would LOVE to work with you! There are several seats left in our L.A. workshop in March, and there might just be one with your name on it. ;) The GoLive Workshop is the highlight of my job--our teams gets to work one-on-one with you to create a brand new website and launch in just TWO days flat. For more information and to register, click here. And stay tuned next week for 4 more signs that you are ready for a rebrand.