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Dusty Rose is a modern design with grid features for bold calls to action. The collage details, designed typography and stacked type make this design fun and bold to help you stand out from the crowd. With this ever-so popular responsive one page website concept, your potential clients and customers will find exactly what their looking for by just scrolling down the page. Change fonts, colors, design elements and layout with Showit’s drag and drop website builder to create EXACTLY your vibe and visual aesthetic with this design as your starting foundation.

Check out this helpful 5 minute video where Promise walks you through the Top 3 Reasons to Hop on Showit 5.

Showit recently came out with a HUGE update to their platform making it hands down the COOLEST drag and drop website builder that we've used. The functionality and creative freedom are both liberating and limitless. If you would like to get access to the new Showit 5 use our special link HERE.

So here's the scoop… We suggest customizing this design in one of three ways.  1 // Purchase and customize the design yourself (our designs are easy to edit and make your own - that's our whole goal). 2 // Attend our GO LIVE Experience Workshop where we sit next to you, design it with you, and teach you all the ins and outs so you can make future updates. Or 3 // Hire us to customize it for you!  Drop us a line if you need help deciding! :)

Pin It To Win It!

In celebration of the new release we're giving away the theme to one lucky pinner. Simply pin the graphic to the left straight from our website to your Pinterest account to be entered to win the Dusty Rose design for Showit 5. We'll be announcing the winner on: ________.

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