I am back today with Part Two of 8 Signs That You're Ready for a Rebrand. We had really good feedback from Part One, and we're so glad this has helped you clarify your desires, reasonings, and need for a rebrand for 2015. We hear from a lot of people that they are not sure if their business really truly needs a rebrand OR if they are just indecisive creatives that are getting a little antsy for something new. So, if you're not 100% satisfied with your current branding and are starting to feel the itch to call a designer, here are some questions to ask yourself--If 3 or more are true of you, a rebrand may be just what the doctor ordered!

5. Does your website represent what you’re excited about now?

Maybe you started out as a blogger but are burnt out and want to focus more of your time on your illustration business, or you’re a technical writer but dream about copywriting for small businesses. If you’re shuffling out of bed each day feeling bummed about the job you have to do, then it might be time to infuse a little life back into your business and pivot into something that makes you excited to wake up every morning.

6. Does your website clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and why it’s important?

I used to do theater, and I was notorious for having a lot going on in my head that never really—ahem—translated on stage. Once after performing a monologue in an acting class, I was explaining what I was going for to the teacher, and he kindly told me, “Honey, I don’t care what’s in your head. If I’m not seeing it, it doesn’t matter.” Message received, and the same is true for your website. You could have the most brilliant, unique, and important service in the world, but if you’re not clearly communicating that to your customers, it doesn’t matter.

7. Does your website feel like everyone else’s? Do you have a unique value proposition?

This one is SO hard to tell on your own, but it can make all the difference in the world. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a look at your competitors’ websites, and then take a loooong honest look at your own. Is it communicating the same thing that everyone else is? You need to give your potential customers a reason to choose you above everyone else, so uniqueness is vital. If you don’t know what makes you unique, never fear! It’s a tough thing to figure out on your own, and you might just need some professional guidance.

8. Are you attracting your dream customers?

Once you know what your unique value proposition, think about the people who will most appreciate the awesome way you do things, and get as specific as possible. Grab a notepad and write down the characteristics of most-favorite client that was everything you’d ever want in a customer (or imagine one up if you can’t think of anyone specific). Are your current customers people you generally love working with? Are you excited to wake up and serve them? If not, why wait? Your dream clients are out there probably looking for someone just like you…your branding should be speaking directly to them.

So there you have it! Are 3 out of 4 true for you? If so, I mentioned in part 1 that we would LOVE to work with you! There are several seats left in our L.A. workshop in March, and there might just be one with your name on it. ;) The GoLive Workshop is the highlight of my job--I get to work one-on-one with you to create a brand new website and launch in just TWO days flat. For more information and to register, click here.