Go Live is looking to bring on new talent for our Fall Intern program. 




Social Media Intern

  • Social Media intern will be responsible for curating content for our audience and finding new ways to promote our work and reach a new audience

  • Must have intermediate background in marketing or social influence

  • Must have advanced knowledge of social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and snapchat.

  • Must have strong writing skills and knowledge of Go Live HQ brand

  • Must have beginer level of mailchimp and will be working with our Editorial director to complete campaigns and online initiatives

Design Intern

  • Design intern will be creating various design graphics for the Go Live HQ brand

  • Must have medium to expert knowledge of adobe design programs such as photoshop, indesign, and Illustrator

  • Must have intermediate experience with designing for web and print

  • Must have beginner level knowledge of the Squarespace Platform

  • Must  have a portfolio displaying your online work

  • Must have a bachelor's degree in a design related field or about to graduate with a bachelors in design.

Admin Intern

  • Admin Intern will be wearing a variety of administrative tasks to help the logistics and internal systems move forward and be more streamlined

  • Must be able to multitask and be a self starter driven to complete tasks given on a weekly basis

  • Must have strong communication skills

  • Must be able to be confident communicating with clients and partners on email and on the phone

  • Working to schedule blog and branding initiatives

  • Must have intermediate knowledge of google docs, google drive, gmail, and google calendar

Intern Application

*Deadline is August 15th* 

Please fill out the form below to apply and we'll keep your application on record. You'll hear from us if we'd like to take the next step forward with you.
Thanks so much for your interest in working with us.

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