3 Ways To Use A Squarespace Cover Page To Benefit Your Business


Here at Go Live HQ, one of our primary missions is to create modern Website Templates that you can customize quickly and easily. We've created a fast process so that you can install one of our templates on your site within 2 hours!

However, there are some situations where you might need more time, like if you’re still working on your content or have a photo shoot scheduled. Whether you’re launching in 2 hours or 2 weeks, it’s important that you use any down time on your site intentionally to benefit your business.

One of the best ways to optimize your site while it’s under construction is by using a Squarespace Cover Page! A cover page, or a page saying that your site is being built or is under construction, does not have to be useless! In fact, you can create a page that still serves your blog, brand or business rather than just saying "Come back later."

We're firm believers in letting your website work for you whether you're still building or if it's launched and live, and Cover Pages are a great way to accomplish this! By using a Cover Page to generate interest, provide value, and show your credibility, you'll be two steps ahead of the game once you launch your site or program! Gotta love that! You can start building a loyal tribe of followers and potential clients or customers before you even launch!

3 Ways To Build A Cover Page That Benefits Your Business

1. Build your Email List with a Lead Magnet

Building an email list is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Since social media algorithms are constantly changing, having access to someone's email inbox and the ability to reach them directly is highly valuable.

Instead of having nothing to do on your cover page except to come back later, grab their email address! Tell them you'll email them when the site is live or offer them a free resource in the meantime while your site is being built. 

This will incentivize them to subscribe, and help you build trust and credibility. After you’ve created your lead magnet, you can link it up to an automated sequence in Mailchimp so once people sign up, it will automatically be sent their inbox. Pretty cool, right? Be sure to check out our tutorial video in this post showing you how to set up your Mailchimp account on your Coming Soon page!


2. Collect Leads Before Your Site Is Live

Another creative way to use a Squarespace Cover Page is to tell people you are actively taking on clients instead of having them wait for your site to be live. Get them to contact you or fill out an application of sorts. Potential clients or customers can input their contact info, what kind of services they're interested in, etc. This is a really great way to filter through people who are interested in your services or products and allows you to build personal relationships with them.

BONUS: If you’re just starting out and don’t have a strong portfolio or testimonials (yet!), it’s a great idea to offer a free discovery session to potential clients. Again, this helps to build trust and credibility so they feel more comfortable investing in your services or products.


3. Promote A New Product, Service or Program

Another way to use a Cover Page page is to generate hype around a new product, service, or program that you’ll be offering. For example, let’s say you’re launching a new e-course and want to host a free Q&A webinar in preparation for the launch. You can use your Cover Page to promote the webinar and get people to sign up. This strategy also works double duty because while you’re getting people to sign up for the webinar, you’ll also be able to build your email list!

PRO TIP: Aside from webinars, another great pre-launch marketing strategy is to start a Facebook group!



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