I hosted her photography workshop at my house this summer and I remember sitting in the hot tub sipping on a glass of wine (tough night, huh?) when she began talking about her desire to rebrand her business….At that point my wheels started spinning. is a great friend of mine, not to mention a SUPER talented photographer with an amazing mind for business. So, I was inspired by the challenge of working with her to restyle her company for the next season of her career. That's the kind of stuff that gets me up in the morning.

A few months prior to hot-tub-night, I had started testing this new designer process called TKO where the client comes to LA and together we GET THAT BRAND AND WEBSITE DESIGNED AND LAUNCHED in one day. It's really unbelievable how much we can accomplish in one day. And the beauty in it is that the client is there (in person) to give real time feedback so we can quickly course correct and move toward NAILING it. This process appealed to me and Melissa because we wanted to get her new website up quickly… and not have to wait months and months.

BOOM!! DONE!! Melissa had the flight booked and a date on the calendar to get her new brand and website tricked out. I invited our GO LIVE HQ Designer, Meg to join the party and before we knew it we were all talking nostalgic feminine details, modern typography, hints of anthro, and all things design!! She knew what she wanted.

The result? Her new brand and website is definitely one of my favorite projects completed in this calendar year. We worked HARD. But it was awesome. Good things come with hard work! Melissa has also transitioned to shooting film and she's KILLING IT right now with and it's been really cool to see her brand take off in a new and exciting way! LOVE YA Melissa!! :) Development by Infinite Design.


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