Sposto Photography, a wedding photographer couple from Long Beach, hired us for our Brand Restyle Service. I primarily worked with Shauntelle, one half of Sposto Photography, on their new website, they already had a logo to use for their new branding so we kept that. I knew after seeing their portfolio of photography work we were going to make something awesome together. We worked on customizing the Hello Lovely theme from our Go Live HQ Shop. By incorporating grays, peaches, and stripes we created a beautiful palette for their new home on the web. The large bold type used on the page backgrounds made for a unique vibe for their brand, with peach overlay outlined boxes bringing in a pretty element which were used as buttons for the user to navigate to other areas of the website. The goal was something modern and beautiful, and the client was really happy with the outcome. I love when clients trust us to take their ideas and visually articulate them into something tangible. Sposto Photography was a total pleasure to work with! You can check out their current site here at SPOSTOPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.

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