Whenever I'm working at home… I like to get dressed, but I HATE uncomfortable clothes. Tight pants and buttoned up blouses. Blah! I like to be comfortable, but I still like to be able run to the store or take out the trash without my neighbors thinking "why is she always I her pajamas?!?!"  HEH! For this outfit all I need to do is throw on a sweater and head out! I'll be soaking in this last warm week in some baggy jean shorts, my husband's chambray shirt (shhhh, don't say anything), and some slip on shoes. 


The Boyfriend Outfit: shorts, HIS chambray shirt, slip ons.

In other news the team and I here at GO LIVE HQ have been CRANKING!!! The response to our rebrand a few weeks ago has been overwhelming! We're extremely grateful that we get to help so many amazing businesses launch their dreams and take their brand to the next level. We're booking workshop seats, Brand Restyle slots, and TKOs like nobody's business and we have a TON of websites cued up and about to launch. Stay tuned for some design & brand madness.

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