Nicole of Lapierre Photography came to our March 2014 Go Live Workshop and absolutely OWNED her brand and website. Nicole is seasoned in her business and so she knew what she was looking for. With a date picked and a flight booked she got it DONE in two days. It was really fun to help her bring the vision to life and she even out did her self creating two sites, one for weddings, and one for portraits. Six months later it's extreamly fulfilling to hear how the new site has impacted her business and their life. Cause honestly THIS is why we love what we do.


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Learn about Jen’s growing love for travel, and what she’s learned in her latest adventure: running her own business.

OUR BUSINESS HAS TRIPLED SINCE THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW WEBSITE at the March 2014 Go Live Workshop. Thank you so much, words can not express how GRATEFUL we are. You & your team are TRULY amazing. BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.
— Nicole
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Q: Why did you choose to come to the GO LIVE Workshop? A: "THE COLLABORATION MADE ME EXCITED!" Q: What impacted you the most? A: "HOW HELPFUL THE DESIGNERS WERE"