We originally partnered with the gracious and lovely Jocelyn Hefner of back at the beginning of 2014, when she needed help with a brand identity, website and blog for her interior design business. Since then, she has followed a path towards becoming an author and speaker, and needed a redesign of her blog to reflect her new focus on writing and speaking, as well as set the stage for her soon­-to-­be­-released book (which we can’t wait to get our hands on!) So we went the design route of simple, clean, and sophisticated. We created a blog design that is clean and easy­ to ­navigate, and allowed her words take center stage. We particularly loved creating the fun, flourish-y logo, which added a touch of the baroque to an otherwise beautifully minimal design. Jocelyn, it is such a blessing to know you, and we love seeing how your words inspire and touch others. Congratulations!

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