LeiLani, the "L" in ellegolden.com, is an amazing fine art film photographer based in Atlanta. She came to us with a strong sense of where she wanted to take her brand and had a strong knowledge of exactly who her ideal client is. In designing this site, we wanted to remain refined yet luminous with an editorial spin. We loved working with her because she wanted a site that was refined but also had a lot of interest to it. LeiLani wanted her clients to be able to view her photography but also explore the site and get to know her better.

The new site is filled with little surprises, video transitions and the “my faves” page, enhance the overall experience. What was our favorite thing to design, you ask? The diamond in her logo of course!! ;) Congrats LeiLani your new website is absolutely golden! 

luminous editorial photography website design | by: Go Live HQ