Ash here!! I’m back with another Q&A session and today we’re talking about something I love...Photos!!! We get asked this one simple question ALL the time from all different types of businesses when they're planning for their rebrand. And today, we're answering it.

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Should my images be ready before I plunge into the design process?

Well, both yes and no! Photos play such a big part in design. The thoughtful selection and placement of images can literally take a design layout from ho-hum to um-whoa! Your photos should represent your brand and should tie in the mood, colors, and the vibe that you are aiming to achieve. If you're going for a fun and energetic vibe to your brand then I suggest displaying your best bright, fun, energetic photography as well. Every photo you use in your brand and on your website can tell the story of your brand. Thoughtfully choosing the main images for your website can create cohesive experience for your potential clients or customers. And a cohesive experience leads to trust and dependability. And if people trust you...they will book you. 

The photos you use on your home page can also tie in with your color scheme to really create a wow factor. That doesn’t mean everything needs to be matchy matchy; but it should flow and enhance the color palette that you’re working with. For example, if you have a variation of teal as one of your branding colors, you don't have to find a photo of someone wearing teal... just pull a few images that have cool blue-green tones to enhance your branding as a whole. 

The second part of the answer is no. and I say no because let me tell you that your portfolio or photoshoots or images you collect will never be perfect. It's unrealistic to wait and wait to create your website until your business is absolutely perfect. You'll be waiting for years, I swear. That is actually the opposite approach you should take because YOU NEED TO GET WORK, BUSINESS, AND SALES. And you need a website to catch momentum; it's the online storefront of your business. Be reasonable with yourself. Our designers can work with what you have and always create amazing layouts and designs with whatever you bring us. We're professional design magicians that way. But ya gotta trust us. You can always add new images as you move forward because a website is always a work in progress.

If you are working with us through one of our 3 services (Go Live Experience, Brand Restyle, or TKO) we’ll give you more information on what we need when it comes to images. Please let me know if this helped you! If you have any questions that you’d like to see answered in the future please comment below. 


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