I'm back with Part 2! Last week I talked about Part 1: 1) stepping into your closet and 2) trying a monochromatic color scheme. And today I'm sharing 2 more ways to pick your colors. As a general suggestion you will need 3-4 colors for your brand. I recommend one or even two colors being neutral (maybe a light and dark), one color that POPS and the other color/s can play a supporting role. Here is goes...

3 // GO COMPLEMENTARY: Complementary colors are colors that are at opposite ends of the color wheel. For some reason or another they bring a harmonious energy when used together. You could pick one color that you like, (maybe found in your closet) then look up the complimentary color (directly across the wheel) and then choose a light neutral color. That would be a versatile color scheme.

4 // USE KULER: I freaking love the Kuler tool by Adobe. It has a lot of cool features that can help you land on a perfect combination. Upload a photo, and it will automatically pull different colors from it. You can explore using a variety of monochromatic and complimentary hues and begin a trial and error process. IT'S ADDICTING!!!

Hopefully, these four suggestions (see part one HERE if you missed it) will help inspire you, and perhaps even give you confidence in the colors that you chose. When you land on that perfect combination, you can even give your colors creative names that coordinate with your brand. Even if you are working with our team to develop your brand and website, we LOVE to see the colors and color combinations that you come up with. From there, we edit, narrow down, tweak, and refine to create the brand that represents you and/or your business.

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