We had a absolute blast working with one of our favorite lady fashion bloggers Liz of Meg and I worked with her and her fiancé, Sam directly at our studio via our TKO process to create her new logo, brand, and blog design in just one day flat. We did it together so that we could get live feedback in real time to nail the perfect design aesthetic for her in a short timeframe.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Liz is that she knows her readers and she listens to them. Listening is key. She mentioned that her readers don’t love change and they LOVE a basic blog layout. No frills. Just a simple high concept layout focused on the content with a rotating slider at the top, a post column, and a wide sidebar. Liz as known as the LA/beach vibe fashion blogger and so for the aesthetic we wanted to incorporate those light beach vibes paired with the wide open and airy high fashion feel. Liz loved the design that we came up together and I’m so stoked to see how her fresh home on the web will house her amazing photos and impeccable sense of style. 

CONGRATS LIZ! We loved working with you!