Choosing fonts can be overwhelming for sure! Even the most seasoned designers can spend a good amount of time hunting for the best font choice for their clients. There is so many options and trying to narrow down what fonts will pair well together can be challenging. However, here are a few tips to remember to help you when you are on the hunt for the perfect font. Don't worry, It is out there, and hopefully these simple tips will help you in your search!



When choosing fonts remember the concept of contrast. Picking fonts that demonstrate contrast  is a great way to create hierarchy and differentiate seperate areas of type in your deign. If you choose two fonts that look similar, say both are thick bold fonts, how will someone know what to look at first? Their eye won't navigate as easily as if you had chosen fonts that had a nice contrast to them. So keep this in mind when pairing fonts.


Next up to remember when working with fonts is mood. What mood are you trying to create in throughout the design. If your brand is a high-end wedding photographer, then you probably should stay away from fonts that look childish or clunky. You would want to pick something elegant and timeless. You can create a certain experience for someone by remembering the importance of mood in font selections.


Another important thing to keep in mind is use. What is the font going to be used for? Are you needing a headline font for titles on your website? Are you looking for a font that is going to be used in large bodies of text? Most likely you wouldn't be looking for the same type of font for these two different needs. Knowing the use of the font when working through the selection process is key. 

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