When I was in design school, I was 110% convinced that I would never take any job involving web design. I had a part-time job designing wedding invitations, and after graduation I hoped to start a career in magazine or book design. I didn’t know how to customize my MySpace profile, let alone build an actual website. I believed I just didn’t have what it took to understand ‘techy’ stuff, and web designers always seemed like they were speaking another language.

Of course, just like in Nicholas Sparks movies, I ended up falling in love with the very thing I despised, and now I spend more time than I ever would have imagined geeking out over code. As it turns out, I love this stuff! Designing and building websites brings out the same dorky problem-solving part of me that enjoyed detective stories and lateral thinking puzzles as a kid.

But as someone who remembers what it was like before I knew ANYTHING about websites, one of my biggest pet peeves is when some tech-savvy “expert” comes rolling up to an unsuspecting business owner, flashing a bunch of techy jargon and trying to scare them into buying something. It’s one thing to sell a product, but when that product is actually doing more harm than good? All I want to do in those situations is swoop in and arm my fellow business owners with the information they need to navigate those situations, and make the RIGHT choice for their business.

That’s the reason we’re starting a new blog series that will break down some of the more technically confusing aspects of running a business. Everything from domain names, to hosting, to email marketing—these will be short posts to explain just the key points so that you can understand exactly what you need to know to make smart decisions for your business, and then get back to doing what you do best.

We’ll be starting with the infamous topic of SEO, and I’ll give three reasons why I think you SHOULDN’T care about SEO. Are there topics that you’d love to see demystified in this blog series? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list :)