Today we're interviewing our Creative Manager, Ash, giving you a behind the scenes look at her job, life, and things she loves! Get the inside scoop on the girl you have most likely been emailing with. :)

NAME: Asher. Most friends just call me Ash and I always love abbreviated names. I feel like it means we're really friends and I like that!
WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Manhattan, NY. I was born and raised in the great state of California.
EXPERTISE: Traffic control for Go Live Headquarters. I do all the creative project management for the company including: new client inquiries, emails, product support, Workshop registration (we're headed to Nashville in May), Communication and details with the team, streamlining processes and booking Brand Restyle's and TKOs with the designers. I love learning new things, which helps me pick up new skills all the time. 
HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED FOR THE COMPANY?  2 years. I started March 2013.      
FAVORITE THING YOU DO AT GOLIVEHQ: Working with a wonderful team. (We have awesome Skype meetings).


FAVORITE COLOR RIGHT NOW: This deep teal blue. I've been loving the relaxing vibe it has.  
WHAT DOES YOUR TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE:  I'm a creature of habit. I like routines. I work from home almost always. I love my little office set up. I usually blend a smoothie and try to take some time to make a priority list for the day before diving into emails. Then I spend time answering questions about how you can work with us, shop support, and general questions. My day includes managing lots of other projects, like Brand ReStyles, TKOs and planning upcoming workshops. I have a lot of different hats I wear throughout the day that can be a bit hectic and stressful so I try create a relaxing vibe. I love listening to music,  I usually have my essential oils diffuser on, drink lots of lemon water. When it's all said and done I try to get dinner going when David comes home and get a workout in. 
WHAT DO YOU GEEK OUT ABOUT:  Photography. Good lighting. Organization and time management. Anything about how to work smarter or better or quicker. I also love psychology. I love personality tests. I've recently learned to love minimalism.
FAVORITE DRINK: Yogi green tea kombucha. I'm not a coffee person at all. Weird I know. I love a good Margarita. Fun fact. Did you know that, unlike other forms of alcohol, tequila is not a depressant! 
FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT: Lipstick! It's quick, easy and one thing that you can put on to make you feel super pulled together and classy. I use mostly long wear lipsticks. My top 3 are: Loreal Infallible in continual crimson. *little tip: don't use the topcoat that comes with it, I use a clear lip gloss from Victoria's secret and it lasts waaaaaaay longer and doesn't dry out. 2. NYX: soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo. Nars lipstick in heat wave.
BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER GOTTEN: "When you get home you're gonna miss this." I was on a missions trip for a year living out of a backpack while traveling the world and it really taught me a lot about appreciating where you are, what you have, and who you're with no matter what. Someday you'll look back on today and miss this. Miss this season or miss who you're around. I try to always keep a mind of thankfulness no matter what's going on. 


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