NAME: Liz Grant
WHERE DO YOU LIVE: The sunny (and currently always hot) state of California.
EXPERTISE: My area of expertise is in the field of graphic design. Yah know, all that good stuff like print design, brand identity, web design, etc.
FAVORITE THING YOU DO AT GOLIVEHQ: Helping small business improve their brand presence online and hopefully help them with bringing in more of their dream clients through our services and products.
FAVORITE COLOR RIGHT NOW: It's gotta be gray. I just can't get enough of it!
WHAT DO YOU GEEK OUT ABOUT: I love when I come across a design that uses white space brilliantly in its compositiion. Something that seems like such a simple concept, but when it is used unexpectedly - those are the pieces my eye gravitates towards.


FAVORITE DRINK: All things tea.
FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT: I recently started to buy more skincare products in hopes of trying to get a better skincare routine down. Herbivore Botanicals has stellar branding, packaging and products.
BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER GOTTEN: I am not sure of one piece of advice off the top of my head, but one quote that I like to remind myself of is "Comparison is the thief of joy" by Theodore Roosevelt. It is so easy to fall into the negative spiral of comparison. But, that doesn't help you, your business or your brand. What you have that is special about your brand is YOU and no one can be you.  So celebrate those small milestones in your business and feel confident in your skills and what you have accomplished. Find what makes you unique and different from others. So less comparing and more high fives all around for all us small business owners!

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