That's a wrap!! Nashville was so good to us ya'll. Yep, we even came home with some fun new lingo lol! We made some new friends, we drank sweet tea, we launched a ton of new websites through our GO LIVE EXPERIENCE, and not to mention had an absolute blast while doing all that!

Our workshops are go go go but there's a moment at every workshop when we pop the bubbly, bump the music, start the cheers and BOOM the GOING LIVE celebration begins and it gets our whole team all sentimental!! For reals. It's a reminder that launching your website is A HUGE accomplishment and by golly it should be celebrated with a room full of creative people cheering you on verses you alone, at night, in your pj's haha. Am I right or what?!?

During the homework process we love getting to know our attendees and learn about what makes their business unique. It's so fun getting to learn about their goals and see how we can collaborate to make their website dreams a reality. One of the best parts is that when we walk into the workshop on day 1 we already feel like we are old friends. Holla! We thing that is so vital to our process. Then over the 2 days we have different sessions of teaching and implementing so that they are putting what they are learning to work! We know that it's important for our attendees to leave confident in making updates and changes to their site without panicking lol! 

New websites wouldn't be complete without new headshots so we worked with Lucy Randall from Smitten and Hooked to get everybody looking real good!

Amanda was our AMAZING Hospitality Host! She kept the drinks coming and the energy high during the two days! 

Lots and lots learning, critique, uploading, moving, updating, designing, all happens in a matter of two days with the help of our team right there to keep things moving along.

We designed + launched websites on the Squarespace and Showit platform. 

Click through the slideshow below to see the cool sites we made!

We loved the sponsors we partnered with in Nashville!


All the social media photography was by Kerri Crutchfield.

What our previous attendees are saying since the launch of their site:

"Our business has tripled from the launch of our new website...Thank you so much, words can not express how grateful we are. YOU AND YOUR TEAM are truly amazing." - NICOLE LAPIERRE 

“6 days after launching I've not only received an above average # of inquiries, but I just got an inquiry from my ACTUAL dream client. WOOHO!!! Thanks again Go Live and friends.” ASHLEY THOMASSON

"I more than doubled my business since launching my site.... I had no website to begin with, but with the help of the GoLive team, my whole business was transformed! It's the best investment I've ever made."  - TONIE CHRISTINE 

“Since launching my website I have booked 3 out of state weddings! This is my first time ever shooting more than like an hour away. It means sooo much to me that people see enough value in me to bring me to them.” DANIELLE STEWART

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