NAME: Meg (or Meghan if you're my husband, or Megsymoo-moo if you're my mom)
WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Sunny Los Angeles, CA! (but originally from NC, where I was raised and went to college/design school)
EXPERTISE: My website design style was once described by a colleague as 'whimsical editorial,' and I think that fits me pretty well. Aside from website design in general, I'm a big fan of problem solving, marketing ideas, copywriting, coding, handlettering, and drawing. Non-work related expertise includes eating one pound of bing cherries in one sitting, navigating the Los Angeles public transit system, and baking a mean ginger creme brulee.
FAVORITE THING YOU DO AT GO LIVE: The Go Live Experience! The 2 days that make up the Go Live Experience are such a ridiculous amount of fun, and I always leave the workshops feeling so energized about my work, about our clients, and about life in general. Plus, can you think of any better way to build a website than with a mimosa in hand surrounded by a group of mega-inspiring entrepreneurs? It's THE.BOMB. I also find that I come up with some of my best design ideas at the workshops. I think it has something to do with having to make decisions fast--when you're launching a site in two days, you can't overthink every little thing, and often that results in a really strong design. Some of the workshop websites are my favorite sites we've helped launch! And I've made some great friends through the workshops too (not least of whom are the other GoLive ladies--you'll never meet a greater group of gals).
FAVORITE COLOR RIGHT NOW: As always, mustard yellow! And more recently, anything floral patterned (bonus points for mustard-colored-floral-patterns).
WHAT DOES YOUR TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE:  I usually throw on a comfy outfit and head to my fave local coffee shop to work, or sometimes I take the metro to the beautiful downtown LA public library. While working I'm almost always listening to a podcast, which more often than not will be Radiolab or This American Life (or Serial when it picks back up!). Then I come home for dinner, which my husband, Josh, usually cooks--he's Italian and definitely the cook in this relationship (homemade pasta is a not-uncommon occurrence in our household--I totally won the husband lottery). We'll eat dinner together and enjoy one of our favorite shows--usually House of Cards, At Midnight or Kroll Show, and then do a bit more work before winding down with a book before bed while Josh watches a movie (he works in the film industry and is a huge movie nerd). Sundays we take off to go to church and try to have a date together. We love trying new restaurants in LA or having game nights with friends.

WHAT DO YOU GEEK OUT ABOUT: Ask me about why I think small businesses are the bedrock of the economy, and why they're essential to improving everyone's quality of life, and I will geek out for hours. It's why I LOVE our work so much--helping small businesses and organizations take off to do BIG things has a BIG impact!!! Making pretty websites is cool, but it doesn't make me geek out nearly as much as empowering business owners to support their families and do good in their communities. THAT's what makes me get out of bed every morning.
FAVORITE DRINK: Daytime: Chai latte. Nighttime: Red wine (if I'm watching a movie with Josh), coffee (if I'm working late) or some warm sake (to sip on with a good book. Currently I'm reading Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, a graphic novel by Chris Ware--highly recommend!)
FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT:  It's a tie between my favorite hair product: TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier, and my new favorite makeup product: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa. Ash got me turned on to it and now I wear it cooonstantly. And it's only $6 at Target!
BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER GOTTEN: When I was getting ready to graduate from college, the recession was in full swing, and I was really worried about finding a job in Los Angeles, where I was planning to move. I was having coffee with one of the PhD students in our design school, and after chatting for a while about her career and what kind of work she'd done in the past, she ultimately concluded that the best advice to follow in your career is to, "Do what you love, and the money will follow." It really stuck with me because she was an incredibly smart, successful woman, and wasn't the type to offer some 'follow your dreams'-type platitude. The more I talked to people a few steps ahead of me in their career path, the more I saw that advice reflected. The people I met that were working hard doing what they loved were doing just fine financially, and they were HAPPY to boot. That advice has continued to stick with me ever since, and it has helped me SO much in making decisions about my career. It has not steered me wrong yet!