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In this fast-paced creative entrepreneur world, it's so important to come across as professional because every interaction you make with a potential client or a reoccurring customer could result in a sale and referrals. So every interaction can either be really helpful for your business or extremely hurtful. So we've rounded up four simple ways to take your professionalism up a notch. 


An easy way to step your professionalism up a notch, is to clean and organize your workspace! Now don’t get anal about it, we’re all about creatively free workspaces, but have some organizational method to your madness. If your desk is a wreck, then you look disorganized and if you look disorganized, then it appears like the business is running you instead of you running the business. Therefore people will not trust you with THEIR business if you can’t even take care of your own. If you are clean and organized you’ll ease the mind of your clients that you are in control, experienced, and in a healthy place to offer help to their business.

Can we go as far as even telling you to keep your car clean?! It's so awkward when you meet your clients and roll up in a car that looks like it just went through a tornado. So do your car a favor and drive through that $5 car wash. Trust us, you’ll feel and look 10 times better! 

02 // BE ON TIME

Another simple way to step in up a notch professionally, is to be on time. We know that it’s easier said then done. But you have to just bite the bullet and start getting disciplined in this area. Be on time to meetings shows that your respect your client's time. And will prove that others needs and expectations are of high priority to you. If you're rolling up 20 minutes late to every meeting, you'll look selfish, and not trustworthy to anyone wanting business from you. Also, be on time with deadlines that you commit to. If you deliver on deadlines you build trust and if you build trust with reoccurring clients will continue to hire you and trust your word and your service and recommend you to friends!

If you’re always late, I bet your always late the same amount of time. Right?  So note how many minutes you’re late. (Let's say 15 minutes.) Then if your next meeting is scheduled for 8:00 am, put it in the calendar to start at 7:45 am and you’ll arrive on time!


Another great and simple way to raise the bar, is to start wearing your confidence on your sleeve! Be your confident self and rock it! Enjoy the fact that you are one-of-a-kind creative genius and that you can dominate your business. Also, have great eye contact, a firm handshake, and positive forward moving language when talking with clients or potential buyers. Eliminate shifty words in your vocabulary that make you come across as insecure, unsure or indecisive. Words like: "Maybe I can do that for you." "I'll try to make that deadline, but not sure." This way, you will earn their respect as an expert in your field. If you have their respect, they will trust you in your decisions to help them achieve their goals.


We all know that online presence is just as important as in person. So if you want to take your professionalism up a notch, than treat your online presence like you would a research paper: take time to spell check. If you have a million typos on your website and social media, it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about, even if you do. And no one will want to retweet a typo-ed jumbled mess of a post. So take the time to read what you write (out loud) to catch any errors before hitting the post button.

Also, don’t say things that are not relevant to your topic/expertise. For instance, beer pong isn’t funny to everyone. And frankly I would think twice about entrusting my business, to a professional or company that insists on shouting from the cyber soap box about how wasted they got playing beer pong last night. So stay in the realm of your niche and own that space! Show your audience that you are THE expert in your field.

So now that you have our simple ways to take your professionalism to new levels, you'll be ready to kick butt and take names! 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! What do you think makes someone look more professional? We would love your tips and tricks of the trade.