4 simple ways to sell without being salesy   |   by GOLIVEHQ.CO

Don't all of us creative entrepreneurs ask this question on the daily?! How can we sell our product/service without sounds like a door-to-door salesman? We understand it's a balance between being overly pushy and not saying anything about your product. So how do you sell without being salesy? We have four tips to help you achieve sale perfection! 


You have to be passionate about what you’re selling, and hopefully that's the case. That’s why most entrepreneurs are actually great salespeople as well. If you believe in your product then everything will come from the heart. When you love what you're doing, everyone around you knows it. From your language, to your interactions with clients, to creating your product, potential buyers will be able to see that your product is quality because you put the time and effort into your product to make it the BEST. When you're crafting a blog post, image caption, or Instagram post showcase your passion through the language that you use. If you believe it yourself then your potential customers will as well.


How are you placing your product on your website? Are you giving your product the best chance to succeed? A great way to see if you are maximizing your website, is to ask a someone who has never seen your site to take a look at it and see if your product is displayed in a way that a potential viewer/buyer would want to purchase your product/service. It's so important to make it simple and easy for viewers to see your product and purchase it. Also, if you center your website around the client's experience navigating through your site, rather than a messy website for the viewer, you'll be more likely to have a higher conversion rate.


There is a way to say that your product is amazing without flat out saying “My product is amazing.” So a great way to showcase your product/service is to let your past clients tell their story about their experience, and feature them on your social media and website. This way, it shows potential buyers that the product has been purchased before, used, and it deemed worthy of purchasing because of its amazing quality and help to their success. Why is this so important? Because people want to hear people's experience with your product and how it helped them succeed. Let's be honest, it's all about your customers. If you customers like your product and talk about how it's changed them for the better, then it starts to become contagious, and everyone will want your product/service. 


Make sure that you put a face to a name. Show your audience who you are and why you are doing what your doing. Tell them your story so that they can buy into what you’re all about and feel a part of it all. When you make something personal and relatable then it makes the potential buyer feel like they can trust you. People are motivated by stories and ideas. So go ahead and tell your customers what your about and watch them connect more with you! You'll be on your way to more product sales in no time!

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