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Mark!! So glad you loved the #goliveexperience! Recently he wrote in and said: 

"OMG! :D I cannot thank you enough for such a great experience! From the initial emails to complete the homework assignments all the way through the popping of champagne and launching my website, it was incredible! Your hospitality, guidance, and maybe even most importantly, talent is second to none! You guys took all the visions from my Pinterest board and helped it all together into one, perfect concept. I followed the social media agenda, almost to perfection and:

  • 30 minutes before launching, I got one inquiry
  • 5 minutes after launching, I got another
  • 2 hours after launching, a previous client that was featured in my gallery referred 2 friends to me, one of which has already contacted me!

Thank you again for everything! I'll be referring everyone to you whether they need a website or brand.  Even if they don't own a business!! 

Fanboy for life,

Check out his website:

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