One Of The Biggest Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Squarespace Website Pt. 2


For Part Two, we are going to talk about text overlays. What do we mean by that? Text that is saved overtop an image. To get even simpler – text that becomes a part of the image. There are three issues with this that we want to talk about today:

01 / SEO

We aren't going to go into detail about SEO, but to get right to the point, long text saved onto an image is bad for your SEO. The issue with this is that search engines can't read this text and as a result your SEO suffers. If you are needing to save text over an image, keep it minimal – like buttons, 1-2 words, simple sentences, etc. AND make sure there is some text on your homepage page that isn't anchored to an image. 

For example: On Dallas Shaw's site (shown below), only her "The Dallas Shaw Effect" is anchored to the image. Underneath, her long copy is actual text within the site (shown in the animation below how we can select the text which shows that it is an actual font and editable).



Another reason to avoid doing this in large amounts, is that it's not user friendly if you need to completely change or modify any of the text. If something big or small changes, you'll need to open all of your working files in photoshop (or the original editing program) and then re-save and then re-upload. It's MUCH easier to just use the Squarespace platform, so that you can easily edit text all within your Squarespace website's backend.


This is something you might not be thinking about, but is very important. The text saved over your image may look great on your desktop computer, but move it to mobile and the text isn't scaling like it should. Editable text in Squarespace will nicely scale with your mobile device and ensure that it's legible. Whereas text that is using overlay, can get very very small because the mobile scaling is making seeing it as an image and not text.

image-asset (17).jpeg
image-asset (18).jpeg

To sum this all up, let's keep text over images to a minimum – it should be really reserved for buttons, highlights and brief text. Anything longer than a sentence should use Squarespace's editable text so that it helps your SEO, is easy to EDIT when needed and is always LEGIBLE for your viewer on whatever device they are using.


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