ANNA LABENZ IS LIVE ON SQUARESPACE was a portrait and wedding photographer for 10 years. She recently closed her photography business to focus on her fine art work, books and installations. Anna came to us looking for a minimal and sophisticated home for her artwork on the web, and we were happy to oblige! We created a refined site based on our Foxtail template, adding a cool grey background and black and grey accents to allow her photos to draw the focus. We designed buttons at the bottom of her homepage that are reflective of her art installations, which allow the viewer to see work from multiple perspectives and angles. The logo we designed turned out to be how Anna has written her name for years, which we didn’t know when we began design—a happy accident! Anna, we’re so excited that your outstanding artwork can finally be shared with the world. We can’t wait to see where you go next. Congrats!

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