THE TOP 3 REASONS TO HOP ON SHOWIT 5 just came out with a HUGE update to their app making it hands down the COOLEST drag and drop website builder that we've ever used. The functionality and creative freedom are both liberating and limitless. For years, I have dabbled and built sites in all kinds of apps, programs, and website builders. I believe it’s part of my job to know and understand what's out there, and what all the possibilities are. The new Showit 5 is flat-out impressive, being on the forefront of innovation. And the Showit guys JUST GET the creative entrepreneur space. They know want we want on the front end of a website and what we care about with the user interface on the back end. So, I’ll share with you my top 3 reasons to jump on the Showit 5 bandwagon! (You could also watch the video in lieu of reading the rest!)


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Showcasing your uniqueness has always been a goal of Showit, from the beginning. Even before I was a professional designer I knew how important it was to create a corner of the web that reflected the very essence of my brand and personality, to mention that it was myspace at the time is besides the point! HEY!!! Ya gotta start somewhere, right? I wanted my web presence to feel like meeting my brand in person. If that was even possibility. 

With Showit 5 being 100% HTML5 you can showcase your personality and creativity in a few different ways that you can’t in a lot of other website builders. First off, Showit has always been about dragging and dropping the content on the page. Which is a creative DREAM!!! The design options and layouts are both liberating and limitless. 

With beautiful long scrolling website pages Showit 5 gives you the capability to have a new unique feature, one they’re calling “canvas views”. So the viewer can click through and view information sliding horizontally as they scroll down the page. This way the whole page doesn’t have to Reload when the viewer wants to read more. And these aren’t just images uploaded to a gallery widget either…these are live graphics, images, and typography on the page. The canvas view feature gives you the flexibility to guide your visitors through your website in an engaging and unique way.

I also, love the ability to overlap images and graphics. You can even have different pages overlapping each other to create a dynamic look. In this example Jasmine Star's homepage overlaps her about page making a collage like layout.

And I’m really geeking out over these sticky elements. You can make anything sticky in the top navigation, side, or the bottom of your site. I could see myself getting real carried away with this cool feature. You can also assign different transitions and movement to your graphics as they load onto a page. 

Because Showit lets you drag and drop elements on a page, you can have unique details on your site. Such as arrows, buttons, and contact forms. A lot of other website builders have standardized functionally and you can definitely tell what the site is made with by looking at those details. Showit lets you assign any functionality to any design element or graphic, making the site TOTALLY unique to you! 

With a lot of other website builders you don’t have much control over what the mobile site looks like. With Showit 5 You can tweak, edit, and change the mobile site independently from the Desktop version. This comes in handy because a lot of people don’t want to show as much information on the mobile site as they do the desktop. People that view from a mobile device typically want basic information FAST, and you can tweak that experience for JUST for them. The other beautiful aspect of this side by side building experience is that when you update the content (text or images) it automatically applies the changes to both the desktop and responsive mobile experience. PLUS the drag and drop customizable feature applies to the responsive mobile as well… so you can make your mobile site look UBER creative compared to a lot of other mobile experiences out there on the web.

The last top reason to hop on the Showit bandwagon is now there is Wordpress blog integration! Showit 5 can generate a WordPress theme to use for your blog so that it will exactly match your website design. All of our Go Live Showit 5 website themes come with a matching blog so that you can have the power and flexibility of WordPress with the design freedom of Showit. 

There are so many more geeky things to talk about. But I hope these top 3 reasons to hop on Showit 5 have been helpful!  You can find our showit 5 themes HERE. Shoot us an email at and follow us on instagram @golivehq

Your website is a critical first impression, so make it a great one and START KILLING IT online!