Define Your Dream Client: *FREE* guide

Define your dream client guide by Go Live Hq

Your small biz is your dream & you want it to come to life in a killer way that makes an impact on the people you reach. That’s the dream—sometimes, somewhere in the process, you may start to feel like you aren’t working with the right people. Whether they can’t afford your services, or they end up becoming difficult to work with, these clients start to take the sparkle out of your entrepreneur eye.

We created our Define your Dream Client guide to help you narrow down exactly who your dream client is. When you are working in industries that seem to be flooded with other people offering the same or very similar work to you, it is SUPER important to know your niche.

You may be reaching out to a WAY bigger market than is helpful for your business, so nailing down who your dream client is exactly will get you on the right track to serving fewer people, yet making more money!

So what makes a dream client? They are someone who: 

  • You enjoy working with
  • Can afford your services
  • Has a problem you can provide a solution for
  • Values what you offer 
  • Will be a loyal & returning customer

After you’ve defined your own dream client, our resource will give you specific strategies to attract them to YOUR brand! We’re giving away all the secrets for free- just sign up below to receive the Define Your Dream Client resource! 

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