Our Top 10 Tips For Naming Your Business

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There’s nothing tougher than figuring out those couple of words that describe your business. For some of you, your business is your dream, your lifesaver, your passion, what gets you up in the morning. How the heck are you supposed to name something so important and feel confident in your decision? 

We’re here to help if you’re ready to put pen to paper and name your baby: your brand, business or website. From working with countless companies and learning great strategy about how companies communicate with their audience, we’ve learned how to avoid common mistakes.  

Here’s the roundup of our top 10 tips for naming your business so you can confidently start a memorable, sticky business name that will convert a passive audience to loyal customers.  

01 – Keep it short and simple. If people can’t say or read your business name quickly, it’s not going to be effective. (PRO TIP: We feel the same about your Brand Bio. Get our formula here.) 

02 – Make sure it’s available. Check to make sure the name hasn’t been trademarked yet. Check to make sure the domain is still available. Check to make sure the handles aren’t taken. That’s just three quick searches that can save you from a lot of headaches down the road after finding out someone already had the same idea.

03 – Make sure your product or service is in the name. At the very least, people should be able to tell what you do or what you sell with this name. 

04 – Alliteration can be your best friend. Want your business name to sound silky smooth? Stick with words that start with the same letter for automatic flow when you say or read your business name. 

05 – Use a name that can grow with you and your business. Do you have big dreams or see yourself expanding your services in the future? Or, better yet, do you know that you’re going to narrow down and find a specific niche? Save yourself the headache of starting from scratch with a name that can scale as you grow or specialize. 

06 – Decide your name versus a company name. Generally, we recommend if YOU are the most important piece behind your brand, consider that in the name. However, if your product or service is the more important piece behind your brand, consider that. (PRO TIP: if you’re planning on growing into a team, consider the fact that some people would rather work for a company name than someone’s name.)

07 – Avoid cheesy titles and names. Think lactose-free & stay away from too much cheese. Being too cheesy or kitschy can cheapen your product, brand or service. 

08 – Consider how it looks when it’s typed out. If you squint, do you get funky words in the middle? Suddenly a great company called Candles Cares reads Candle Scares in a domain name (www.candlescares.com). 

09 – Make it easy to remember and easy to spell. Test it out on your grandma. If she can’t remember the name or how to spell it the next day, the general public won’t be able to either. 

10 – Get inspired by your brand's benefits. Still stumped on a name? Start listing the benefits your product or service will provide to your customer. For example, one of our clients “The Six-Figure Chick” teaches customers how to make more money in their online business, with the ultimate goal or benefit that people will be able to reach six figures after utilizing her services. 

Once you have your name, the next big steps we recommend are: 

  • Nail down your Brand Bio so you can tell people what you do in 5 seconds or less. 
  • Get your site launched & live using one of our easy-peasy website templates. 


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