The Number 1 Way To Take Your Brand To The Next Level

A few weeks ago, in celebration of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017 Sale, we wanted to dish out one of our BEST tips for absolutely free! We did this originally in the form of an Instagram Live on our account on November 28, but we got SO many requests to get it live on the site and to have more information about our top tip that we had to get our notes up in a blog post. 

Are you ready? Here it is! Catch up by watching the video below.


The Number 1 Way To Take Your Brand To The Next Level: Narrow Your Niche

A niche is the group that you are targeting your product or services to. It's so important to 1. know who this group is, and 2. to make sure it's a specific group! You simply cannot market to anyone and everyone. Figuring out this demographic will make you so much more successful, and even make running your business more smooth. 

There's an old saying, "If you try to be everything to everyone, you'll be nothing to no one." We FIRMLY believe in this principle in making moves to take your brand to the next level. 

Benefits Of Narrowing Your Niche 

  • You’ll be viewed as a specialist in a sector of your industry and therefore you’ll be the customer’s first (and even better, only) choice.

  • Your word of mouth marketing will be off the charts! People have a reason to talk about you and tell their friends about you.

  • People are willing to a pay higher price for a better targeted product or service. 

  • You’ll have a higher & faster conversion rate for your sales or services. Why? Because you’re talking to people that are already interested.

  • You’ll be HAPPIER because you are working with people you really WANT to work with. 

How To Narrow Your Niche

STEP ONE: Define your expertise.

STEP TWO: List your passions, your hobbies, your style.

STEP THREE: List your favorite clientele to work with.

STEP FOUR: Combine all of those things, then figure out if there would be a demand in that niche for your services. If that’s a yes, BAM, you’ve found your niche. Start catering to them, friend.

You narrowed your niche, so now what?

Next up is to make sure your messaging and your design speaks to that niche market! We've got 3 quick ways we'd recommend honing in your messaging and design. 

1. Craft Your Brand Bio. 

Now that your niche audience has changed, now the statement of what you do and who you serve has to as well! We've got an amazing FREE resource that we use to help people craft a concise statement explaining what their business does. You can get it for FREE using the signup form below. 

2. Make Sure Your Website Visually Attracts Your Dream Client. 

We had someone recently reach out to us about his site who had a Microsoft blue, techy looking site, but he was trying to attract Southern Brides! That just doesn't make sense! You've got to make sure your website aesthetic is attractive to your niche market. Check out what they love, what magazines they read, where they shop, and pull inspiration for your design from those things. 

3. Only Display Photos or Graphics That Support & Showcase Your Niche. 

We hear from wedding photographers all the time who say they HAVE to put their occasional newborn sessions on their site. We'd seriously disagree! If your niche is for brides, you should only be featuring brides on your site – especially on your homepage. People are going to seek out what they see, so even though you don't want to do newborn sessions, if you have them on your site, people will try to book those! If you're trying to narrow down who you work with, be strict about what imagery you showcase. 

Good luck narrowing your niche! You'll be amazed at how you can make more money marketing to fewer people. Seriously, give it a try. 

PS – Did you get to tune into our Instagram Live? We want to be doing this more! We'd love to hear from you about what you'd like advice about in our upcoming sessions. Give us a comment below to let us know if you have any ideas! 

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