Create Your Graphics


Now that you've built out the design, organized your content, and found and saved your photos for web, you can create your own graphics using a free online program called Canva 

To get started, sign up for a free account at

Once you've created your account, log in and select "Create a Design". Then select custom dimensions. For each graphic you'll be using the dimensions provided in this post.

The first graphic we'll be creating will be your Featured 01 image on your homepage.


You will set the dimensions for this graphics as 1500px by 950px. Once you click "Design", you'll be brought to your graphic editor. 

First, you'll want to upload the images that you'll be using in your graphics by clicking "Uploads" and dragging in your photos. 

Once your photos are uploaded, you'll drag the background image that you'd like to use into the graphic. Resize as needed so it spans the entire width and height of the background.

Next, you'll be adding the white border background. To do this, click "elements", then click "shapes", and select the square shape. Now you can go in and drag the edges and corners of the square until it fits within the outer edge of the rectangle. 

Now, click "Grids" and select the first square photo image. Again, resize this so it fits within the frame of the white border. 

Lastly, go back to your photos by clicking "Uploads" and drag the image you'd like to use into the photo frame. 

Once your graphic is complete, click "Download" and follow the steps to save it on your computer.

Repeat this process for the remaining graphics using the dimensions provided in this post. 


Dimensions: 800px by 800px


Dimensions: 800px by 800px


Dimensions: 1500px by 950px

Once your graphics are complete, you can replace them with the demo graphics on your site. You can also replace your photos as well.

After going through this tutorial, you should have created your custom graphics and added them, as well as your photos, to your site.

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