Pre-Launch Checklist

Congratulations--you are almost done with your new site! There are a few final important steps to getting your site ready to launch. Review the launch checklist below and make sure all the items are completed before launching!

  • PROOFREAD: Ask a friend to proofread your entire site for grammar, punctuation and typos. 
  • CHECK LINKS: Go through your site and click on every link on every page to make sure they're working, paying special attention to checking each social media link.
  • TEST CONTACT FORM: Submit a test to make sure your contact form is working. Do the same thing with your e-newsletter signup form if you've included that.
  • ADD A FAVICON: This is the little icon that appears in the tab or url bar at the top of your browser. To add yours, log in to Squarespace and go to Design > Logo & Title > Browser Icon (Favicon). Upload the image you'd like to use and hit 'save.' Clear your browser cache to see the favicon.
  • COPYRIGHT LINE: Consider removing the "Powered by Squarespace" line in the footer and replacing with your own copyright info and geographic area (if applicable).
  • TEST ON MULTIPLES DEVICES: Since Squarespace sites are responsive, they will look slightly different depending on the monitor size. Open your site on a mobile device (and tablet if you have one handy) and multiple desktop monitor sizes to make sure it's loading properly and all the text is easy to read. 
  • FACEBOOK DEBUGGER: Sometimes when you post your site to facebook and it shows preview information, it doesn't load the most recent thumbnail or website title. To fix that, click here,  paste in your domain and click "debug."