The Ins and Outs of Squarespace


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Now that you're all signed up for your Squarespace account, you should be able to view your site plus a navigation menu on the left hand side. This is called your Home Menu. The Home Menu is where you can access all of the backend areas of the site that you'll need to customize and maintain it. 


First up is your Pages section. This is where you’ll manage all your content - including pages, blog posts, galleries, your online shop, etc. We’ll chat more about your Pages menu in a bit.

To go back to your Home Menu at any time, just click the Menu titles on the top left. 


The next section we'll check out is your Design menu. This is where you can customize the appearance of your site. Here you can add your Logo + Title, and adjust the style settings of your site. We'll come back to this menu in a bit. 


If you have an online shop, the Commerce section is where you can maintain the settings for your products. Here you can manage orders and product inventory, create discount codes and more.


The Analytics section makes it easy for you to access all of the information you need to know about your visitors,  such as what content they are viewing, their location, and more.


The Settings menu is where you can manage all of the administrative components of your site such as your business info, your account plan, and social media accounts. We'll come back to this section later on.

When it comes to your site itself, you can toggle between the Menu view and full screen view by clicking this gray arrow icon in the top left corner. Another cool feature is that you can view how your site while look on mobile by clicking the gray line on the top of your screen and selecting the device view you'd like to see. 

In the next video, we'll be taking a more in depth look at your Pages, Design, and Settings menus.