Define Your Dream Client Mini Workshop

Define Your Dream Client Mini Workshop


You’re tired of working with people who turn your dream business into a personal nightmare and something needs to change. Yup, we’ve been there before and we definitely feel you. The good news? You don’t have to stay in this rut forever. You’re just a few steps away from figuring out who your dream client is (the person you started this business to help) and beginning to target them strategically.

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A Guide For How To Attract The People You Actually Want To Work With

The GoLive Team will teach you who exactly is a dream client, why it matters that you find them, how to target your own dream client, and some essential changes you can make to market more effectively. It’s time to stop wasting your marketing efforts on anyone and everyone and finally get clear on your dream client so you can do better business and make more sales!


This Workshop Includes


9 presentational videos (only 45 minutes total)


Deck of PDF slides used in the presentation


1 three-page worksheet to help you uncover your niche


This Workshop Is For You If…

  • You feel tired of working with just whoever emails you

  • You want to be intentional with your customers

  • You are craving better clients and more enjoyable business

  • You are struggling to figure out who you’re offering your services to


In This Workshop,
You’ll Learn:

  • Who is a “dream client” and why you need to know yours

  • 4 benefits of establishing a niche in your industry

  • How to build a profile for your dream client to better understand them

  • Examples of companies who definitely know their target audience

  • 8 ways to cater to your dream client on your website and in your marketing strategy