Narrow Your Niche Mini Workshop

Narrow Your Niche Mini Workshop


You’ve likely heard the saying, “If You Try To Be Everything To Everyone, You’ll Be Nothing To No One.” In today’s industry, you can’t move forward into big growth without establishing your “niche.” Your tribe. Your place in the industry.

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A Guide For Those Who Are Ready To Target Their Tribe

The GoLive Team will teach you what exactly is a niche, why it matters, how it attributes to your website, and why it pays to go narrow in your offerings. Get ready to experience growth and finally stop marketing to everyone. It’s time to switch from reactive to proactive in your marketing approach.


This Workshop Includes


9 presentational videos (only 45 minutes total)


Deck of PDF slides used in the presentation


1 three-page worksheet to help you uncover your niche


1 bonus Q&A video answering the most commonly asked questions


This Workshop Is For You If…

  • You are struggling to figure out what you offer the world.

  • You want to stand out in your industry.

  • You are stretched thin and tired of trying to be “all the things.”

  • You are ready to get more clients.

  • Your website is “busy” and unclear.


In This Workshop, You’ll Learn:

  • What a niche is and why its important

  • The benefits of establishing a niche in your industry

  • How to identify what your niche should be

  • Examples of companies killing it in their industry by focusing in on their niche

  • 4 ways to target your niche and speak right to them on your website