3 Ways To Show Client Testimonials On Your Squarespace Site + Free Download

3 ways to show client testimonials on your Squarespace site + FREE DOWNLOAD

Testimonials are such a great way to create immediate trust with prospective clients. But it's important that we don't just throw the information on a page, but ensure that the client love is being showcased well. These words are singing your praises, so let's show that off! We've put together three ways to share the love, each of them work well for different lengths of text and some including images.


Example: brandonkidd.net

Create a grid and use images and text to move within that grid. This is a very simple and classic way to display your testimonials but it is very effective when your client love is multiple sentences long. Use this option when you have long text combined with one image.


Example: golivehq.co

We can use Summary Blocks to create a really dynamic testimonial experience. Watch the tutorial video (at the bottom of this post) to learn how we created the testimonial slider for Go Live HQ. This option is perfect for short (1-3 sentences) testimonials without images.

We have a great tutorial on How To Create A Testimonials Slider On Squarespace! This blog post will take you step-by-step how to create the slider look below.


Example: Notorious demo (select "visitor" + enter captcha)

In the video tutorial (at the bottom of this post), we are still using Summary Blocks but this time we will also add an image to the excerpt. This is a great way to showcase images that correspond to your client testimonial. Use this to showcase the couple that is speaking about you or even show a few images from the photoshoot you worked with the client on. This option is perfect for short to medium length text combined with images.

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