No more procrastinating. It's time to block out two days, book a trip, and finally check that "new website" off of your 2016 new years goals. As you've discovered, your website is a critical first impression, one that can convert sales or even "triple your business", as one client reported.

In Los Angeles California on May 17th-18th we're hosting our first ever exclusive Squarespace workshop where we'll help you start killing it online! Our design team will literally sit next to you and help you build, design, and launch your Squarespace website in 2 days flat.

go live hq workshop

May 17-18th 2016 - Los Angeles, Ca

We're talking a high intensity, in-person, full service event to help you get your website LIVE on the web!

Imagine gathering and creating an entire slamming online presence all in one place -- graphics, new head shots, tech support, a website, the whole shebang and leave with a game plan for how to update your site and brand moving forward. Sound good? Then this workshop is for you. Our goal is to give creative entrepreneurs the power and confidence to further customize and edit your website independently as your business grows & expands.

What's Included?

  • A Go Live website theme on Squarespace
  • Design and tech assistance from the Go Live team of designers
  • Brand and style homework (to make sure you come prepared)
  • New head shots to create a cohesive look for your website
  • Lunches and snacks on both days
  • One-on-one time with Promise and the design team
  • Sponsor giveaways from amazing companies

The Play By Play

DAY 01

  • Learn Squarespace ins and outs
  • Get your personalized content into the GO LIVE website theme of your choice (with the help of the our design team)
  • Work through everything step by step
  • A pro photographer will take new head shots for you (make sure to bring your game face)

DAY 02

  • We customize the layout to make the site unique to your business
  • Our design team makes their rounds enhancing the sites + add an extra wow factor
  • We launch the websites and celebrate with champs (our favorite moment!)
  • You'll leave the workshop with the knowledge and know­-how to further tweak, update, and change your website yourself

The Details

WHEN: May 17-18, 2016
WHERE: Los Angeles area, CA
COST: 2 payments of $695

What They're Saying

"Your hospitality, guidance, and maybe even most importantly, talent is second to none! You guys took all the visions from my Pinterest board and helped it all together into one, perfect concept. I followed the social media agenda, almost to perfection and:

  • 30 minutes before launching, I got one inquiry
  • 5 minutes after launching, I got another
  • 2 hours after launching, a previous client that was featured in my gallery referred 2 friends to me, one of which has already contacted me!

Thank you again for everything!"
- Fanboy for life, Mark

"In the past three weeks I have booked SIX weddings for 2016 and not just any old couples. Ideal couples with cool, chic, blog­-worthy weddings who value photography... 5 out of the 6 didn't even have to meet me in person to seal the deal. They felt like they knew me from my website..." - Jessa

"Our business has tripled from the launch of our new website...Thank you so much, words can not express how grateful we are. YOU & YOUR TEAM are truly amazing." -Nicole

“I just needed to express how fabulous you and your team are,  I found you and the girls, not only beautiful, but genuine, talented, smart, and approachable. The energy in the room was electrifying. It literally made my heart race. I was so intimidated going into this process, but you did it, and made it easy. If I could bottle this energy - I would be a very rich lady.” - Sue