Just Bakecause Website Critique

Hey Guys! It’s Promise, the founder and CEO of Go Live! Today I am critiquing a website that was submitted by Amanda who is the owner of Just Bakecause, cakes and sweets. How cute is that business name?!?! Amanda bakes custom desserts that not only taste delicious, but look freaking amazing. 


Before I jump into the critical feedback I want to talk about the things that are REALLY working.

1 - MEMORABLE business name.

Her business name is memorable, short, clever, and descriptive. Plus she scored with the dot com domain name, making her URL justbakecause.com. So, the foundation of her business is on point. 

2 - PROFESSIONAL photography.

Her product is not only beautiful, unique, & different, but it’s also captured very professionally. The desserts are styled, and on brand. Making her product VERY marketable. Her headshots are also on point and professional.

Let’s dive into What’s NOT working. 

just bakecause website critique

1 - No Business Description or Tagline.

From the looks of the homepage we can not tell what she does. She could be a dessert photographer or a food stylist. We need to see a short description explaining exactly what she does near the top of the home page. so that we don’t have to guess what she does.

2 - Package Offerings Are Not Clear. 

Amanda offers several dessert packages for purchase as well as custom cakes when you click on the navigation tab called Menu. But the first time I browsed this website, I totally missed this because the product offering was not obvious. So, I would like to see the packages on display and styled with hierarchy and visual graphics, so that her products will not be missed. 

3 - No Call To Action.

After looking through the website, I am not sure what Amanda wants to me to do now. Should I purchase a product? Inquire for more details? Get a custom quote? I would like to see a very obvious call to action with a button and link to whatever Amanda would like for me to DO on the website.

Now let’s look at the adjustments that I would make based on my critique (Shown below). 

I have restyled just the Bakecause website using our Go Live Squarespace theme called Radar.

As you can see:
    •    The business description is front and center
    •    The product offerings are clear
    •   There are strong calls to action, based on which product I am interested in.

moderen bakery website by go live hq
website inspiration by golivehq

Overall Amanda’s business is on point. I can’t wait to see what these adjustments will do for her sales and her business. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR WEBSITE CRITIQUED LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR WEBSITE URL. Keep in mind this is not for the faint of heart. I’m going to tell it like it is. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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