Signs You're Ready For A Rebrand


The changing seasons is a transitional period that often calls for business owners to evaluate the state of their website and ask themselves whether or not they are making progress towards their goals and reaching their target audience. For some owners, taking a hard look at sales or analytics on their website leaves them wondering if they should invest in a rebrand.

Recently we’ve been chatting with potential clients who are going through that exact position of trying to discern whether a brand makeover is worth it. And we get it, thinking about revamping everything from your website to your logo can be a tough and totally overwhelming decision.

Here's the thing: a new website or logo is an investment. By investing into those things, you are strategizing to reach your DREAM clients which can transform the success of your business. And as designers and brand strategists, what we want more than anything is for that investment to provide a real return for our clients.

At GoLive, we LOVE hearing that our clients have doubled or even tripled their business because of their new website. But the hardest part is taking the leap! So, if you're not 100% satisfied with your current branding and are starting to feel the itch to call a designer, here are a few signs that you might be ready.

How To Know If You’re Ready For A Rebrand

1. Your Products, Services Or Offerings Have Changed

Maybe you started a business in personal training, but over time you’ve become more of a fitness and nutrition coach. Or maybe you used to do wedding photography but have realized that what you really love is shooting families. In both of these cases - your "niche" has changed. So, if your website no longer accurately reflects what you spend most of your days doing professionally, or what services most of your clients are inquiring about, it might mean your brand isn't quite up to date with your business.

2. Your Target Market Has Changed

This can mean several things—perhaps you’ve moved to a new town, or the demographics of your target market have changed (for instance, your customers used to be recent grads and now they’re young moms-on-the-go). If so, your client base is changing and your website needs to reflect their evolving values and interests so you can attract them and hook ‘em in!

3. You Groan Every Time Your Look At Your Website

If you’re tired of your brand, feeling embarrassed about it, or just realizing it needs to be modernized, then you know you’re in need of a refresh. Updating your branding doesn’t have to be a major ordeal, or even a major investment. We’ve got great tips for how to refresh your branding for free or on a budget with our 3 Easy Ways To Rebrand Without A Major Overhaul.

4. Your Sales Have Stagnated And You’re Ready For New Business

Are you paying the bills? Are you stocking enough away for rainy days? Do you have enough money to do the things for the business that you want to? Maybe you’d like to finally hire an assistant so you can snag a bit of that ever-elusive work & play balance (wink-wink), or you have dreams of renting a studio so you can stop working out of your bedroom. If you feel like you’ve been coasting along and scraping by for a while, it might be time to think about how a rebrand could help you look more professional and reach new & BIGGER markets.


If these questions lead you to realized that you're not satisfied with your current site and not sure how to move forward with a particular aspect in your brand, here’s the next steps! If you’re on a budget, check out our 3 Easy Ways To Rebrand Without A Major Overhaul or shop one of our easy-to-use, DIY Squarespace Website Templates.

If you’ve been in business for a couple of years and you’ve been saving for something more custom, check out our Hire Us page to see how you could work with us for a custom website design!

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