Our 5 Best Website Templates For Bloggers

We receive a lot of messages to our inbox from girlbosses dreaming of starting a place on the web where they can blog! It’s a great option for a lot of people to share they things they love with the world. Blogging is super accessible, and can even allow you to earn a living doing what you love (PSST…read our blog about how to monetize your blog to get started). Many bloggers have also been able to start their own businesses with their platforms, creating clothing lines, beauty products, classes, or even partnerships by working with major brands. 

If blogging is your dream, all you really need is a killer website design to get started, right?! We've designed several creative Website Templates that are ideal for a blog. If you want to stand out in the bloggersphere, our modern, easy-to-use Website Templates will allow you to create a look that is unique to you. Plus, these Website Templates include key website elements to highlight your blog content, which allows readers to connect to your content.

1. The Poppy Template

For The Colorful, Vibrant, & Creative

We love Poppy’s collage-style layout, and the creative homepage design with a fun layout to display categories. The design includes cool graphics for an earthy, editorial feel throughout. Poppy is perfect for bloggers looking to showcase their brand in a way that feels more fun and organic rather than structured. 

The Poppy Template is for you if…

  • You have a fresh & funky describe you or your brand

  • You live to be creative

  • You are looking for a unique blog layout

  • You have several blog categories

  • You have a lot of strong images to display

2. The Curate Template

For the Minimalist and Hip Lifestyle Blogger

Curate is warm, sleek, and minimal. The unique homepage layout provides plenty of space to showcase your content, including  products if you are also a shop owner. The grid-style blog layout is ideal because it displays many blog excerpts at once, so your audience will easily find content that appeals to them. The Curate design is perfect for bloggers sharing their style, home, travel adventures, or family life!  

The Curate Template is for you if…

  • You love clean, minimal design

  • You want a life or style blog

  • You require a grid-style blog layout 

  • You want to sell products from your website

3. The Étoile Template

For the chic, feminine, style lover

Etoile is pretty, soft, and feminine. The largest points of interest on the blog homepage are your four most recent posts, so your blog content will stand out. There is also room on the homepage to display your latest video, perfect if you are also on Youtube.  Etoile is the ideal template for bloggers sharing their favorite makeup, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle favorites. 

The Etoile Template is for you if… 

  • You love all things chic and pretty

  • You are a fashion, lifestyle, or travel blogger

  • You want a shop page connected with rewardStyle or Shop Style

  • You are an influencer on Youtube! We could see Etoile as a perfect sidekick to your channel.

4. The Jonesie Template

For the Cool Girl With Killer Style

Jonesie is cool, fun and feminine. It’s crafted to showcase blog content, including your most recent posts across categories in a dynamic way on the homepage. Jonesie’s blog layout includes two sidebars to feature your bio, your new and related blog content, social media accounts, shop page, and a newsletter. Jonesie is our most traditional blog layout, and ideal for sharing your style, beauty favorites, and lifestyle content. 

The Jonesie Template is for you if…

  • You have killer style and love to share your outfits

  • You create beauty, wellness, travel, and other lifestyle content

  • You want sidebars on your blog

  • You want to collaborate with other brands. The About Page provides space to showcase the brands you work with.

5. The Olivia May Template


Olivia May is a modern, minimal and stylish Squarespace Template crafted for bloggers to show off strong photos and blog posts. This template is perfect for style bloggers who make money from affiliate programs or who sell their own merchandise on their website as well. Olivia May includes 7 totally custom, hand-drawn design elements made by our team!

Olivia May is for you if… 

  • Your aesthetic is minimal, simplistic, and modern

  • You’re a style/lifestyle blogger

  • You want a Shop page for your own products, or to link affiliate products

  • You have a lot of blog content to display

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