Best Hack For Choosing A Color Palette


Color is an important ingredient to building a memorial and consistent brand. For example, everyone KNOWS that Tiffany blue color made famous by the luxury diamond company or the bright, fun orange colored into the Nickelodeon TV logo. Each of those colors are a good representation of each respective company and when you see it, you know it! However, a lot of people get stuck on trying to figure out the perfect balance of color to mirror the tone and vibe off their own brand while also attracting their ideal client. 

If that's you, listen up! One of our favorite hacks for choosing color palettes is utilizing the Adobe Color wheel. You can pull and move the nodes to create your own color palette or view monochromatic, triad, or complementary variations (left image). Or you can upload your favorite image and it will automatically pull & pair dynamic options (right image).

Check out the Adobe color wheel and give it a try. Do you have any color palette tips? We’d love to know in the comments. 

image-asset (4).png

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