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One of the MOST important things that your website needs to book clients or make sales is to have a clear call to action on your site. One of the worst things that can happen on your site is that someone would land on it, and then be totally lost on what to do next.

Why? You might think that people will figure your site out or figure out the next steps of what to do on their own. Guess what? That's just proven not to be true. If someone is confused on your site, they are not going to spend the time to figure it out. You've got 5 seconds or less to grab a new visitor's attention and tell them what to do next, so make it really really clear! 

You want to make your website SO clear that your grandma can figure out exactly what button she should press next without having to squint.

You want to navigate your potential clients or customers where to go next, kind of like ushering them through a house tour. They've walked in the door of your home when they land on your homepage, but now where do they go next? The kitchen? The living room? You've got to tell them where to go!

Guide them on exactly what to do next with a clear call to action. 

What Is A Call To Action? 

It’s a clear button, link or direction on your site that tells your reader EXACTLY where to go or what to do next. 

Why Do I Need A Call To Action?

To Build Trust: If someone is confused on your website, they are ultimately confused about you and your brand or business. Immediately, this makes you hard to trust from a client or customer perspective. Think about it: are you going to hire the girl that feels a little jumbled and doesn’t know what’s going on? Or are you going to hire the girl who’s down to business and direct. 

To Make More Money: The easier it is to book you or purchase your product, the more likely a customer or client will do so! If you are finding that sales are a little low, it might be time to visit your call to action. 

Where To Put A Call To Action

On Your Homepage: Give someone visiting your site clear instructions from the get-go. 

At The Bottom Of EVERY Page: The worst thing to happen would be for someone to read through your whole “About” page, get to the bottom, and then get stuck because there’s nowhere else to click. You could argue here and say, “They’ll just scroll to the top to find the next thing.” We’d argue that you should have the next thing for them right there. The quicker they can get there, the better. 

Important Tips

Size Matters: Make it big! Your grandma should be able to see this button on your homepage. It should be very clear that the call to action is the next step. 

Keep It Simple: We wouldn’t recommend using a ton of words here! It can be as few words as “Book A Call” or “Learn More” or something similar. What you really don’t want is to have a paragraph telling them what to do. Give them a quick action step that’s easy to click. 

Give It Room To Breathe: We believe in the magic powers of white space! If your button is surrounded by other clutter, it’s going to be hard for someone on your site to find it. 

Use Squarespace Tools To Create A Call To Action

1. Use A Simple Button Block. 

Make sure to add a clickthrough URL and use appropriate language for your button to make your audience WANT to push that button. 

2. Create A Collage Image Block. 

Under the option for Image Link, choose Button. That will give you a nice Call To Action attached to an image! 

3. Create A Stack Image Block.

This is such a simple solution & it looks so clean! Under the option for Image Link, choose Button. 


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