Design Your Website To Attract Your Ideal Client


One of the simplest design tips that we teach is to: DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.
When it comes to the design, so many business owners create a site that they personally like the design of. And HEY!!! That’s AWESOME if people-like-themselves are their target demographic, But if not, you want your brand to stand out among your competitors. So, it’s most important to know WHO you are targeting and then focusing your research on the design aesthetic that your target demographic can relate to MOST. This way, when your ideal client stumbles on your site they will immediately connect with the presentation of your brand and they will feel like the product was made for THEM specifically! And that’s how you build a memorable brand and convert prospects into clients.

For example, we customized a side for Trent Broglin, using our website template called, Everyday (shown in the image below) as a base to start with.


With Trent's target demographic being high school seniors & brides in the Midwest, we incorporated fresh-young geometric shapes & brought in navy & gold for a classic sophistication (shown in the image below).


So, where to start? Ask questions and begin to understand the style that attracts your ideal client. Where do they shop? What magazines do they read? What are their favorite brands? Take note of these findings and use them as a point of reference to influence the vibe of your brand. Hopefully this will give you a good start. Hit us up if you have any questions or if you'd like help customizing you're website, we'd love to work with you via our Restyle Package. You can find more info about that HERE.


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