Five Ways to Go Above and Beyond for Your Clients


Your clients and customers are at the heart of why you do what you do. And, if you're like us, the client experience is what DRIVES you in your business. You love getting to serve them day-in and day-out. The tough part? Sometimes in an online space especially when you're not face-to-face with your customers, it can be hard to give off-the-charts, amazing customer service via a screen or an email. We're here to help! We've got our 5 favorite ways to go above and beyond below! 

1. Send a Handwritten Note.

Who doesn't love a little snail mail?! Sending a handwritten note to say thank you or to check in with a client is a great way to show you value them. This one is GOLD if you won't be interacting with your clients regularly, like if you're a wedding photographer. After you've done your job, sending along a thank you note a few weeks later will show your clients you valued your time with them. It will establish a connection that is sure to keep them coming back! 

2. Meet for Coffee.

The back-and-forth of emailing can start to feel seriously impersonal after a while! If you've got a client that's local, break free from strictly online interactions by suggesting a meet up for lunch or coffee. You'll be able to get some face time in, get to know them on a personal level, and in turn, know how to serve them better. PLUS, they get to see the face behind the emails. 

3. Follow Up Fast. 

Work life gets busy and emails begin to pile up. We know the feeling! However, doing your best to follow up with a client within 24 hours is noticeable and appreciated. It's an extra step you can take to make sure you are serving your clients to the best of your ability. 

PRO TIP: You can automate some of this while remaining personal AND saving you time. We use Dubsado to automate some of the emails that go out from Go Live HQ. We spend time making sure each email is crafted carefully so that our clients know that we are 100% giving them the best service we possibly can! 

4. Ask For Feedback

This one might give some of you hives, but getting feedback on how the process from start to finish with your brand or business went is CRITICAL to making sure you are serving people well. Find out what your customers are thinking! Make an Instagram post or record yourself on Instagram stories asking for feedback. Or, send out an email survey. The key here is not to go looking for praise. You're looking to improve!

5. Check In

If it has been a while since you have heard from a client, shoot them an email to say hello! If you are selling a product, check in with them later to ask how they are liking it! If you've offered fitness training in the past, follow up with your client to ask how they are doing and give them one encouragement. This will give your clients an additional opportunity to provide feedback, and you'll be able to learn from it. 

Have other AMAZING ideas of how to care for your clients or customers? We want to know! Comment on this post or use #GoLiveGoals to let us know you're working on your brand or business. We hope you're out there living your dream and killing it online! 

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