The Foolproof Way To Know Where To Invest In Your Audience


NOTHING feels better than people coming to your site like you're dishing out Girl Scout Cookies. You're getting inquiries, booking clients, making sales, serving YOUR purpose, and taking names. You're doing the dang thing and killing the game.

Not there yet?? Don't worry! 

Maybe you want more visits or followers, but you have no idea how people are even finding you on the world wide web right now. We've got our foolproof tech tip to know EXACTLY how to bring more visitors to your site by investing with concrete evidence behind you. 

The key is to let your analytics tell you where to invest your time and money. You can find your Top Traffic Source using your analytics to see where the majority of people are finding you on the internet. Are they coming from a particular referring website? Facebook? Or Google? 

+ STEP ONE: Look to see who your top referrer is. On Squarespace, you can find this by going to Analytics > Traffic Sources. Then click to expand your "Referrals" to see what referring sites are directing people to your site. Even better, however, is if you click "Social" to see what social media platform is giving you the most clicks. 

+ STEP TWO: Once you find what social media platform is your top referrer, spend more time and/or money there. It's already proving to be a successful sweet spot for you. People on that platform are smelling the Girl Scout Cookies and clicking. So, invest time or money there! Whether that means more frequent posts, a targeted advertisement or boosted post, or just interacting more with commenting back to people. For example, if you’re top referrer is Facebook, plan to spend more time (more posts, more planning) and/or money on Facebook (try out a low-budget Facebook Ad).

We'd LOVE to hear from those of you using this tip! Let us know what your top referrer is and comment with your game plan with how you plan to invest! 


We've got a guide even if you have Analytics Allergies.


A Guide For Those Allergic To Analytics


Your website analytics don’t have to be overwhelming! Our quick digital PDF, A Guide For Those Allergic To Analytics, will teach you the very simplist most important numbers to watch for your brand, how to find them, and what to do with them to grow your business! It also includes 3 trackable worksheets.

This Digital Guide Is For You If: 

  • You want to direct more visitors to your website.

  • You want to learn how to increase your sales based on concrete evidence.

  • You want to boost your profitability ASAP but don’t know what you’re doing wrong.


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