Top 5 Editorial Font Pairings For Squarespace


Designing a site that attracts your ideal client involves even the little details like choosing fonts! Wait what?? My font might be detracting clients or customers? Heck yes!

While you may like or lean toward using a particular font for your brand, you really have to ask yourself "Does this font appeal to my ideal client?" You've got to figure out exactly what style they are looking for when they come to your site, and making sure that the fonts on your website reflect your brand and attract your dream client is CRITICAL to booking more clients, making more sales & killing it online. 

This roundup of font pairs are for Editorial Style. What does that mean? Editorial style is a fashion-forward aesthetic with a nod to classic design. It's high-end, sophisticated, iconic, elegant, refined and tasteful. We'd recommend these font pairs for fashion bloggers, boutiques or brands that want to offer a timeless, sophisticated and refined brand experience. 


  1. Don’t forget about letter spacing. Use Squarespace’s Style tool to adjust the Letter Spacing (space in between each letter) & Line Height (space in between each line).

  2. Need more inspiration? You can see how Squarespace fonts will look on Google Fonts. PLUS, you can easily see a list of five popular font pairings for a font you LOVE.


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