One of my highlights in the last few weeks was completely revamping and launching the logo, brand, website, mobile site, and blog for the ever so talented LA based wedding photographer, Jana-williams.com. She was a blast to work with via our new TKO process where we met up in person for an entire day to collaborate and work together. We started off getting to know each other talking business and personal life, then we dove into the design specifics. Jana came prepared with her homework completed so we had everything we needed to discuss and hit the ground running.

Jana not only shoots luxury weddings but she also shoots a lot of fashion as well. That makes for such a fun combination. So, we wanted an elegant mix of soft, pretty, light, airy, high end, black tie, and runway. And I think we totally achieved that vibe with our thin lines, serif fonts, feminine colors, carefully chosen imagery, and beautifully shaped negative space. Jana was a hoot to collaborate with and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for her and her business. I freaking LOVE doing these TKOs and I'm so thankful and energized to have the opportunity to work with such amazing clients.

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