The route to being profitable looks really different for every business. The stream of income for your business might be sales of a product, registration to a conference or event, subscriptions to your resources, or maybe you offer an awesome high-end service that changes the world. But, if you’re not selling enough to meet your financial goals it’s hard to be profitable. So, what do you do if you’re not getting enough purchases, inquiries, emails, or even questions about your service? Well, this low conversion rate could be a number of things worth looking into, including the flow of your website. 

The cool thing about websites is that they are living communication tools that are always a work in progress. If you take a thoughtful approach to how you craft the flow of your website you can have a big impact on how you “help” your visitors navigate through your content and ultimately make a purchase or inquire about your services.

Here are a few pointers when analyzing and repositioning the flow of your website. 

01 - DEFINE YOUR GOAL! By default most business owners just upload a ton of content on their website and expect their visitors to find their way though the information dump. Instead, decide ahead of time what do you want clients TO DO when they land on your website. Do you want them to book a session? Subscribe to your email list? Purchase a product? You need to define your goal. Simplify and focus on what you want potential customers TO DO on your website. 

02 - GIVE IT THE TEST! Grab a cup of coffee and take some time to click through your website like you’re a first time visitor that doesn’t know ANYTHING about what you do or who you are. What are your findings? Would you have bought the product or service that you you described in part one? If not, then maybe the flow of your website is not guiding your potential customer through your site properly to lead them to take the desired action.

03 - MAKE ADJUSTMENTS! What simple adjustment can you make to your website NOW that will help guide your visitor to take the desired action? The answer to this question just takes is a little time and thought. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. 

  • Make your desired action the main focus of your website and delete all other distracting fluff. 
  • Hierarchy information. Make the most important message on your website large, bold, and attention grabbing.
  • Create a separate page for this information with it’s own navigation tab.
  • Add a call to action button on the home page.
  • Use words like: join, sign up, buy now, subscribe, inquire, etc. to encourage them to take action.

I hope these tips help you think more strategically about the flow of your website and ultimately help you move your business forward.