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When we first chatted with Alexis, of localtourist.us, and saw her mood board we instantly knew that this site was going to be unique TKO. Her mood board had soft colors along with neon colors, bold typography, some 90's references and an overall whimsical feel to it. The overall vibe we were going for was edgy with white space and not overly serious (which we loved)! Her goal for the site was to feel like a destination for people who want to take a different path when traveling. They’re not into the touristy stuff and want to explore their destination in a unique way. She had such a clear idea of who her ideal customer is and that served as the driving force throughout the entire process! 

We loved designing images for her carousel! Alexis mentioned that she wanted a carousel featuring the latest blog posts and she loved what we had done for the Create & Cultivate site. We used more than one image and funky shapes & used an icon for the category and included other funky little shapes. We also absolutely loved designing the icons for each category! How we used a Converse shoe for “style” and wayfarers for “the locals.” Alexis and our team had a blast bouncing ideas off of each other. Alexis loved the icons we created and the little touches of 90's style like the drop shadows on the buttons and boxes. She loved how this felt like early internet days meets Nylon magazine and we both agreed that her ideal customer is going to love all the little details of the site. Everything about the site is a little bit funky, playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously! Congrats Alexis!!

fun, edgy with white space squarespace website design | designed by: golivehq.co

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