SilverBox Photographers, established in 2005, has earned a reputation for stunning images, topnotch service, and a passion for pictures that tell stories. However, Kim and Annika knew their old website told another story and did not live up to their experience and talent. They came to us looking for a website upgrade to show the breadth of their work, their multifaceted specialties and their fun personalities, and we were thrilled to deliver a huge website upgrade! We started with Simplicite as the base design in Squarespace, and used SilverBox’s existing logo and fonts to create a brand new website that honors the brand recognition SilverBox has, but evolves it in a higher ­end direction. We chose organized the layout around showing off SilverBox’s best assets (their bright photos, their gorgeous studio, rave reviews and awards) and made use of Squarespace’s index pages to break up the content and add visual interest. Annika and Kim, we are so excited that you have a website that lives up to your talents and can’t wait to see where you go next! Congrats!

Charming high-end Squarespace website design | Design by: Go Live HQ