NORINA KAYE IS LIVE ON SHOWIT is an exceptionally talented Las Vegas-­based photographer who came to us wanting a site upgrade + new logo for the wedding part of her business, and we were thrilled to oblige! She did a great job curating the photos she wanted featured on her homepage and in galleries, so we created a unique layout with geometric shapes, rose gold color palette and large photos that lets her work take center stage. Norina wanted to be experiential and trendsetting with her dream site, so we made sure not to disappoint! 

The logo we designed features a modified diamond shape with her initials, which we centered at the top of the site and blog to ground the otherwise asymmetrical layout. A matching ProPhoto blog ties everything together, and features a bold, single­ column layout and rotating asymmetrical header photo. Norina, we are so excited with how everything turned out and it’s been a joy to get to know and work with you. Congratulations!


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